Health and Safety

We understand our commitment to Health and Safety must be continuous in order to provide a consistent service to our customers. We have a number of areas in addition to our training to ensure that we are fully compliant with cur63>Inspections

We undertake scaffold inspections on a large number of our projects where the client chooses. These are undertaken at 7 day intervals or following exceptional weather or circumstances.


All our scaffolds have a handover certificate issued to show the customer compliance with current rules


We have a number of CISRS Scaffold Supervisors who undertake regular checks on the work that is being carried out by our site teams. Our Scaffold Supervisors have attended courses to inspect all scaffolds, including Advanced Scaffold elements

External advice

We are able to call upon the advice of our external consultant for complex issues. The consultant specialises in scaffolding works


Under TG20: Guidance for Tube and Fitting scaffold, a number of scaffolds need to be designed. We are able to offer initial advice on what will need to be designed and subsequently manage this process from the design through to construction on site.

Scaffold plans

We undertake Risk Assessments for all the work that we undertake and prepare scaffold plans for more complex work. This information is then delivered to our operatives in the form of a toolbox talk


We carry out checks on a wide array of items such as:

  • Equipment - this is done on returning to the yard, where it is serviced, and before it returns to site. Checks are also undertaken on site as part of the wider inspection regime
  • Vehicles - all vehicles are checked to comply with legislation and our operator’s licence
  • Site - Before commencing work on site a visit is undertaken to ensure that we are able to plan for the work on site and verify that the appropriate facilities are in place.
  • Plant - Regular weekly checks are undertaken on plant in our yard as well as items that are on site.
  • Testing tools - as part of checks on site we undertake testing of ties into the structure. Our operatives are trained for this and the equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy.